10 Best Screen Recording App for Iphone

Are you looking for the Best Facecam Screen Recorder Apps for Iphone? Apple has made it quite easy to record your iPhone screen with native features, but what if you want to do more with your video while you’re recording it or after?

There are tons of screen recording apps on the app store iOS that can help you do just that. Whether you’re trying to create tutorial videos, app demos, or even stream gameplay, here are the top ten iPhone screen recording apps you can download.

Best Facecam Screen Recorder Apps for Iphone

Obviously, one way to record your screen is with the integrated iOS screen recorder, but some apps can take your recordings to the next level. To help you sift through all the available apps, here are the best screen recording apps you can download to record your iPhone screen:

  1. Capture of TechSmith
  2. Record it!
  3. web recorder
  4. Screen Recorder – Live Streaming
  5. AirScr screen recorder
  6. reaction chamber
  7. Screen Recorder – RecPro
  8. DU recorder
  9. screen recorder +
  10. Professional screen recorder

1. TechSmith Capture – Best Screen Recording App

If you make any screen recording on your computer, you can recognize TechSmith for its suite of Camtasia applications. With TechSmith Capture, Not only can it record your screen, but like other apps it will record your microphone so you can add narration or voiceover to your videos.

Once your recordings are done, they are all saved to a well-organized library in the app where you can review, delete, and share them. If you’re using Camtasia on your computer, you can also share your videos directly from your device to your computer without ever leaving the app.

2. Record It!: Face Cam Screen Recorder

Not only Record It! allows you to record your screen and audio at the same time like the native screen recorder in iOS, but also allows you to record using its front-facing camera to capture your reactions to the screen. This can be useful if you are creating videos for YouTube or other social media sites like Instagram because it will allow your viewers to see your face while you speak and see your screen simultaneously.

Record it! also allows you to import old recordings from your cameraroll and add video reactions, audio narrations, and other annotations to them.

3. Web Recorder – Capture Your iOS Browser

If you want to record things in your browser, web recorder could be the app you are looking for. It acts as its own web browser and only records what happens on the web page itself. So you don’t have to worry about pop-up notifications or clipping them later to get rid of things like the time or your data connection.

Once you’re done recording, you can also save and share the video directly from the app.

4. Screen Recorder – Livestream: One of the Best Screen Recorders for iPhone

Screen recorder: live stream could be the app that can do it all. You can record or stream your screen to various platforms, and it has a powerful video editor that allows you to trim, crop, or merge your recordings. You can also create a custom watermark if you want to put one on your videos. Plus, it has a whiteboard feature, which is great for jotting down or showing off your drawing and painting skills.

5. AirScr Screen Recorder – A Recording and Editing App

While you can capture your screen and audio with AirScr, where this app really shines is with its editing features. Once you’ve finished your recording, you can edit it, combine it with other recordings, add a reaction using the face camera, and even record voiceovers for your videos. This app gives you so much control over your recordings that other apps require you to download an additional video editor to achieve.

6. Reaction Cam: Best iPhone Screen Recorder

Reaction cam is a bit different than the other screen recording apps on this list because it’s more about recording yourself. You that to your screen. This is great if you’re shooting a reaction video. Just as its name suggests, it records your screen while playing various internet videos and films you while you react to watching them.

similar to app web recorder, not only record YouTube or Instagram videos, but it will also allow you to record other web pages and film your reaction while browsing those sites. This could be useful if you’re creating videos that respond to news or advertisements in things like video games or movies.

7. Screen Recorder – RecPro: Record and Stream Your Screen

If you are looking for an app that can do live streaming and can record your screen, look no further than Screen Recorder – RecPro. In addition to being able to broadcast to various platforms such as Twitch and Facebook, you also get full control over your screen recordings. You can adjust the resolution and frame rate before recording, and while editing, you can add filters, adjust speed, or even record a video commentary. So if you were hoping to find an app that will record and stream your iPhone screen, then try this app.

8. DU Recorder: Record, Edit and Broadcast Your Screen

If you are only using DU Recorder to record your iPhone screen, you may not notice anything special about it. It’s all the other things the app can do that makes it so powerful. It comes with a set of video editing tools and filters, but also allows you to live stream your iPhone screen directly to YouTube, Facebook or even Twitch. The download is free, but it will stamp a watermark on all your videos. You can get rid of the watermark by updating it with an in-app purchase.

9. Screen Recorder +: Do more with your recordings

ScreenRecorder+ it will really up your screen recording game. It is one of the few applications that supports resolutions of 2K and 4K for cleaner, sharper video. It also offers a full timeline editor, so after you’re done recording, you can trim or trim your video, shoot a reaction, or even record narration. And when you’re not done with the video, you can start uploading it to YouTube right from the app, so you’re doing everything from creating to uploading all within ScreenRecorder +.

10. Screen Recorder Pro – Enhance Your Videos

With Screen Recorder ProAs the name suggests, you can record your screen like a pro, but you can also capture audio, edit your videos, and record yourself talking to the camera. However, one of Screen Recorder Pro’s best features is its annotation tools. Not only can you place stickers to help draw attention to a particular area of ​​the screen, but you can also draw with the Brush tool, similar to how you’d use this feature on Instagram or Snapchat.

While it may be easier to stick to the recording tool native display on iOS, there is so much more you can do with your videos. It all depends on what exactly you want to do with them. Hopefully, this list has helped give you some ideas and inspired you to try out new screen recording apps and their features.