6 Best Place to Put an Airtag

We show you 6 Best Place to Put an Airtag might be more useful than you think.

Apple AirTags are small trackers which can be much more useful than it seems at first glance. They are small so can be placed almost anywhere for keep it situated carry out its corresponding follow-up, which can be very useful.

More and more Apple AirTags are being sold, which makes sense considering that in addition to its great features and functions and its seamless integration into the Apple ecosystem, its price is relatively low be a brand accessory. However, it is clear that its final usefulness depends on the place where you choose to place each AirTag.

Put your AirTag in one of these places if you want to get the most out of it

We’ve already mentioned on occasion what an AirTag is worth and some practical use cases. However, as ultimately their usefulness varies considerably depending on the type of person you are and the location you choose for your AirTagwe have collected some of the most frequent, popular and curious uses.

It is clear that the Apple AirTags have helped many people, on the one hand not to lose valuables, and on the other hand not to forget them. For this very reason, in the 6 best places to place an AirTag We’ve considered both possibilities, so you can get the most out of this accessory.

In your Jacket Pocket

By placing an AirTag in your jacket pocket, you will avoid leaving it forgotten anywhere

Of course, on some occasions, did you forget your jacket somewhere such as a restaurant, bar, office or even a party. This is normal because, when it’s hot, everyone tends to take off a garment as far as possible, which often remains somewhere intended for it.

The problem comes when time passes. Occasionally, leaving the place, it is possible to forget completely of the garment, and there is even the possibility of not remembering it until hours later. In these cases, it usually affects back to website in order to recover the jacket, with all that this entails, and here an AirTag can be of great use.

Probably the most interesting thing is that when move away a few meters more than your jacket matters, if an AirTag is inside you will receive an alert on your iPhone or any other nearby Apple device. That way, if you’re mindful of the motive, you won’t have to go back too far to get your coat back. And, on the other hand, once in the establishment, thanks to the Apple Find network and AirTag, it will be much easier to find it on the inside.

In your luggage or in your suitcase if you are going on a trip (especially by plane)

luggage or suitcase

Putting an AirTag between your luggage or suitcase can help you keep it under control at all times

During travel, bus, train, subway stations and other places like airports can be more confusing than it seems. Doing this with a suitcase usually doesn’t help too much, that’s why can be forgotten at some pointwith all the risks that entails.

Put an AirTag in your carry-on, suitcase or other bag with clothing or higher value items can help you stay in full control at all times. If you become too separated from your luggage, you will receive a notification on your phone so that you are aware of it and can act in time, while if at any time you need locate your stuff the AirTag can also help you.

It’s more, if you are going to fly and you decide, for example, to register your suitcase, it can be practical to have an AirTag inside. It would not be the first time that, following computer or human confusion, a suitcase ends up on the wrong flight, with all the risks that entails. With an AirTag, you can know where your luggage is at all times And if for some reason it unfortunately ends up somewhere else, thanks to Apple’s Find network, you’ll know where.

On your bike, motorbike, car or any other vehicle


Placing an AirTag on your bike, motorcycle, car or other vehicle can help prevent theft

Every day we see new cases of vehicle theft which are retrieved using Apple’s AirTag. If your bicycle, motorcycle or car has place not too visible in which being able to hide an AirTag, can become an ideal location for it.

In this case, driving alerts may not be very helpful, especially if you don’t keep your vehicle at home or always use it. However, this is not a problem since they can be disabled. The interesting thing comes when accidentally, the vehicle disappears. What to do if you find a lost AirTag

Firstly, if you choose to park it, you won’t need to remember its location. Thanks to the AirTag and the Apple Find network, the location of it will be recorded so that you can locate it when you need it most without much effort. And, if we put ourselves in the worst case, how could it be robbery or robbery from it, we will also be protected: thanks again to the Search network, Will it be possible to locate the vehiclebeing possible to alert the Police or any other authority that can help in its recovery.

A key ring with a special purpose

AirTag on the key fob

Placing an AirTag on your key fob can be the solution if you never find your keys

Most likely the keys to the house, car or any other item are one of the easiest items to forget or lose. Since they don’t weigh too much, we don’t always know whether we are wearing them or not, and it can become a serious problem on some occasions.

By placing an AirTag on the key fob, locating the keys will be as easy as locating the iPhone. For one, you can use the Find My app on any of your devices to see their generic location, or if you have an iPhone with ULB, you can even locate them easily. In addition, thanks to the integrated loudspeaker on the AirTagsyou can also remotely play a small sound that will always help you find your keys.

To carry out this, I really you will need to attach the AirTag to your keys. Unless your keychain is suitable, you should buy one of the best AirTag accessories, thanks to which you will be able to hold it much better. Apple has also your own keychains for this product being one of the most outstanding utilities.

Control your pet with an AirTag on their collar

AirTag on the animal

By placing an AirTag on your dog, cat or pet’s collar, you can keep it under control. Image: New York Times

Another brilliant idea for placing an Apple AirTag can be your pet’s collar. If you have a dog, cat, or any other pet, you probably prefer to have it under control at all times. It is possible that, through negligence, your pet manages to escape of the House. Or even that when you take him for a walk, he tends to run for some reason and you lose sight of him.

It can be a problem, but If your dog or cat has an AirTag on their collar, it will be much easier to locate them.. Given the resistance of this device, if you place it using a key ring inside, you will be able to follow him at all times. Remember it’s water and dust resistant so that won’t be a problem, although if you want extra protection you can always wear a protective cover for the necklace.

AirTag protective cover for pets

If your pet is lost, you can locate it using the Apple Find network. And, in case someone finds it, remember that AirTags incorporate an NFC tag, which whether scanned with an Android phone or an Apple device will find out the details and can contact you. In fact, there are even AirTag apps for Android that can easily locate this type of device.