5 Best Offline Music Player for iPhone

Due to the sanctions, the problem of listening to music offline has become very acute: national streaming services cannot add Western news to their database, and services such as Apple Music simply block new tracks ..

That is, they’re in the database, but because of the region, you can’t listen to them. For this reason, many users remembered that it would be nice to throw music on iphone from a computer or downloaded from other sources. For this you will need offline playerfor streaming music, creating playlists, etc.

We have selected Best Offline Music Player for iPhone

Flacbox: high resolution audio player

Flacbox has been one of the most stable players in the App Store for a long time

“Flac” in the name shouldn’t scare you – the utility recognizes different formats, even if it’s an antediluvian MP3. You can sync music from streaming service accounts or play music from iPhone storage. The application will not leave you without music even in the car, because it supports CarPlay and Airplay.

You can even connect One Drive or Dropbox cloud storage, from which music is automatically synced! Additionally, there is a sleep timer, Shuffle Playback, search and background. If you want to adjust the equalizer, please be kind enough to pay. The rest of the application can be used for free and problems do not know.

jetAudio-HD music player

jetAudio offers even more useful features in the paid version

One of the most beautiful readers for iPhone! It has a not very big font and only two colors – green and gray, so the interface does not hurt the eyes. The player has a concise full-screen playback page, so if there is a cover in the track, it will turn out to be very beautiful. Can you imagine how cool it will look on the iPad?

The app works with FLAC, OGG, MP3, WAV and other formats and is free. They say there are ads, but I never noticed them there. The equalizer, color schemes and other features can be unlocked with the purchase of the paid version, but the player works well anyway: just transfer the tracks to the iPhone from the “Downloads” folder to the “jetAudio” folder and go!

Listen: Gesture music player

Management is done with easy-to-remember gestures

A player with one of the highest ratings in the App Store: either users don’t favor it or developers are lazy, but Listen: gesture music player there is something to learn. The player’s convenience is that it doesn’t have the traditional navigation buttons, rewind and other gimmicks we’re used to – control is down to swipes in the right directions from the middle of the screen.

Yes, it’s a bit strange, but you get used to it quickly: the main thing is not to skip the description when you start the program for the first time. After memorizing the gestures, ordinary players seem to be a kind of savagery. The app is free, but unfortunately requires a subscription to Apple Music, from where the music is synced.

FLAC+ player

Flac Player only has English, but all menu items are easy to remember

An app for true music lovers and fans of true (in every way) sound. FLAC Player plays the music exactly as it is. And all this for free! Supports AAC, MP3 and other formats, and also lets you mark tracks to start listening from the right place. There’s an equalizer, user-friendly interface, and simple navigation.

At first glance, the appearance looks like Apple Music, which is nice, so it’s very easy to understand. You just need to specify the path to the file location or sync the tracks from the cloud. The free version contains ads and the app only works in English. But it’s definitely worth a try!

Cloud Music – offline music

Cloud Player contains ads, but they do not interfere with playback

An app I discovered recently: cloud music is a simple application with a familiar interface. There are no extra buttons, but there are plenty of ways to add tracks: these are popular cloud storages, and adding music from iPhone storage, and file sharing iTunes, and even Wi-Fi – all methods are available on the “Import” start page. Thanks to them, you can add downloaded music to your library, as well as download it directly from your computer without a wired connection.

There is a simple equalizer, which is enough for good sound, sound effects and other cool little things. The main advantage is that there are no in-app purchases! True, there are small banners at the bottom of the screen, but they disappear when the Internet is turned off. works cloud music perfect for any model, does not affect battery consumption much: installed on iPhone SE 1st generation – normal flight.

Download cloud music

With the help of these applications, you can easily organize your offline media library, which will definitely not go anywhere, tracks will not be lost, and you can still listen to music for free without the Internet. However, if you are looking how to replace apple musictake a closer look at our list – you will definitely find a practical application here.