What are the Best Apple Arcade Games?

Best Apple Arcade Games:  The Apple Arcade stands out for both its new games and its updated classic games. The tech giant launched this subscription service in September 2019, but has recently gained momentum with the release of a number of titles exclusively for its subscribers. Associations with important developers in the sector, such as Bossa Studios or Konami, have given rise to more than interesting titles. In this article, we present seven of them.

Best Apple Arcade Games


Those of us who play the Final Fantasy series will never forget its epic battle scenes and gorgeous graphics, which are certainly ahead of their time.

Its creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, now turned to the mobile game market and, suddenly, Fantasian was born. The result is meticulously detailed landscapes, spectacular combat scenes, and a captivating story. In fact, it’s hard to believe such a game can be played in the palm of your hand.

Although Final Fantasy fans may recognize some details from its glorious past, this game has a truly modern design that, without a doubt, names it the best Apple Arcade game.

Hidden People

Not all Apple Arcade games feature a color blast. Hidden Folks has a monochrome design which gives it a very attractive unique look. Inspired by the book Where’s Wally?, the game consists of finding characters, objects and animals hidden in different places.

The good thing about Hidden Folks is its interactive nature: you can tap on the objects to receive information about them or on the different characters to talk to them.

Featured in The Verge’s Top 50 Games of 2017 list, Hidden Folks has a legion of loyal fans.

What is Golf?

There are many stereotypes surrounding golf. Undoubtedly, the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the sport is a middle-aged millionaire with a diamond sweater or the typical nouveau riche who won the lottery and now spends the day trying to improve your handicap on the most luxurious courses in the world.

What is Golf? He presents us with a completely opposite image of golf, with a set of wild holes where anything can happen. Here, instead of putting the ball in a hole, sometimes you have to put a hole in another hole or hit a club with another club.

The mind-blowing twists and turns of the game are sure to be entertaining.

The Last Campfire

In this beautiful adventure game, you must control a spirit called Ember, responsible for guiding lost souls through nature.

The game takes place in an enchanted forest full of mazes, elevators and levers that you have to go through to reach your goal. As you solve puzzles, more non-playable characters come into play to help you solve new, more difficult problems.

In 2021 it was updated with several extras, like the ability to solve puzzles to analyze how you managed to solve them.


If you are a Scrabble fan, you will surely like Wurdweb. In this game, instead of single letters, you are given whole words that you have to fit on the board.

The goal is to place a minimum number of words and, like in Scrabble, you receive points depending on the difficulty of the word and the squares on which you place it.

If you are looking for a quiet game, without time limits or markers, this can be a very good option.

Sayonara Wildhearts

Some video games lack originality and imagination, which is not the case with Sayonara Wildhearts. A heady mix of pop art, motorcycles and neon lights awaits the player in this unique musical adventure.

The goal, in theory, is to guide the main character through 23 obstacle-filled levels and get as many points as possible. The reality, however, is much more complex, as you will encounter other characters who will alter your priorities.

Released in 2019, it’s still fully valid three years later after being nominated for countless awards. Plus, it has Queen Latifah in attendance: what more could you ask for?

Grinding Wheel

Grindstone successfully mixes two very different genres: on the one hand, we have a very interesting block game; and on the other, it presents a warrior scenario in which Jorj must defeat endless monsters.

The stone mentioned in the title appears when you kill ten beasts in a row, which will allow you, in the middle of a combo, to switch from one color to another to continue the chain.

After the success of Sword & Sorcery and Super Time Force, Capybara Games managed to create a new premium game. If you are one of those who always play the same games, make sure this one is one of them.