Auto-Click Apps For iPhone Don’t Exist, But There Is A Little Trick To Get It

Auto-Click Apps For iPhone, Nope, There are no auto-click apps on iOS., so don’t look for them in the app store, the ones that exist won’t do what you want and will probably require a subscription for nothing. This is due to the fact Apple does not give this permission to developersi.e. auto click app for iPhone will be rejected. However, the system itself offers an alternative.

Inaccessibility options, we have a small trick by which we can “automate clicks on the iPhone”. Even this trick can also be used for other gestures, like swiping, which allows us to unlock our iPhone with our voice.

The Trick to “Enable” Auto-Click Apps For iPhone

iOS accessibility options allow us to create custom gestures that we can activate in different ways. Therefore, we can create gestures to automatically click anywhere on the screen or drag over certain places. Simply, we will have to create the automatic gesture and activate it whenever we want.

For example, we can create a custom gesture to move around in apps like TikTok slide up, or for some games in which we have to repeatedly press a point on the screen. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Accessibility.
  2. Now enter the section voice command and activate it.
  3. Come into Customize the commands, click Custom, and Create New Command…
  4. Add the name you want, for example, “Click”, since it only works in English, it is better to put simple words or sentences in this language.
  5. Press on Stock then run custom text.
  6. now you have to simulate the tapping you would do on the iPhone screen. If it’s touching somewhere, tap repeatedly, if it’s a swipe gesture, just do it by drawing on the screen.
  7. Click above to safeguard when you are done and your gesture is ready.

iOS allows us to create custom gestures that we can activate at any time

Now you will see that in the upper part an icon with a microphone in blue, which means that the iPhone is waiting for you to say the phrase to perform the custom gesture that you created Everything is controlled with your voice, and the word or phrase with which you called the gesture.

Just go into the game or app and say the word or phrase that you put previously, in our case “Click”, and you will see how the gesture is reproduced on the screen pretending to touch it. It’s not an ideal solution, but it can be a great help in many situations. Moreover, you can create all the gestures you want.