Everything You Need to Know About ASE2000 Software

Looking to get the most out of your ASE2000 software? We’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you learn about the features, installation, upgrades and solutions for common issues.

Read on to learn everything you need about your ASE2000 software and get started using it today.

Overview – What is ASE2000 Software?

ASE2000 is a software package developed by Pacific Technologies that includes a suite of tools and solutions for troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring, and analyzing server and system information.

ASE2000 provides comprehensive support for Windows, Linux and macOS systems in client-server deployments or cloud environments. It also offers network traffic analysis and reporting capabilities to help identify issues and optimize performance.

Installation & Setup – Steps to Get You Started

Installing and setting up ASE2000 software is easy; all you need to do is download the setup file, run it to begin the installation, follow the on-screen prompts for settings like user info and directory locations, and then click ‘Finish’ to complete the process.

Depending on your system requirements and hardware, the process might take several minutes or more; be sure not to interrupt the installation, as doing so would cause errors.

Troubleshooting – Common Issues & Fixes

Upgrading your ASE2000 software is a straightforward process. First, download the newest software version and install it on your computer or device. The setup program will walk you through the necessary steps to upgrade your existing ASE2000 installation.

Once the new version of ASE2000 is installed, you can safely uninstall any older versions to ensure optimal performance

Advanced Features & Automation Solutions

ASE2000 has a wide range of advanced features that can help streamline your workflow. Automation tools enable users to create automated routines for everyday tasks, such as creating reports, running tests, and scheduling backups.

Additionally, the software offers monitoring capabilities that allow you to view real-time performance stats or track system events. With these features, you can quickly diagnose any issues and ensure maximum efficiency.


  • Supports a wide range of protocols
  • User-friendly interface
  • Dynamic data display during monitoring and simulation
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use setup screens


  • Complicated for troubleshooting and upgrade if you are not technically sound

Compatible with Windows Versions:

  • Windows 10, 11
  • Legacy Windows (Windows 7, 8, XP (SP2, SP3), Vista)


What is the ASE2000 RTU test set?

It is a full-featured protocol test system for testing and maintaining SCADA RTU and SCADA IED equipment and diagnosing communication problems.

What protocols does the ASE2000 RTU Testset support?

It supports DNP3, IEC60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, and 80+ other protocols.

Does ASE2000 RTU Testset support Windows 10, 11 and legacy Windows?

It supports Windows 10, 11, and legacy Windows (Windows 7, 8, XP (SP2, SP3), Vista).

What are the benefits of using the ASE2000 RTU Testset?

The benefits include:

A comprehensive product for utility protocol testing
A powerful and flexible tool for testing and maintaining RTU and IED equipment
Diagnosing communication problems
Single program with a single user interface for testing multiple protocols

How to get more information?

You can find more on the official site