Are AirPods 2 worth buying in 2023?

Are AirPods 2 worth buying in 2023? AirPods 2 are Apple’s oldest headphones, is it worth buying new in 2023 or is it better to go for an alternative?

The AirPods 2 remain in the Apple catalog in 2023 and are positioned as the cheapest option in the Apple catalog, currently made up of up to 4 different AirPods models. They have been on the market for 3 years, so many people are wondering whether it’s worth getting the AirPods 2 in 2023 and we will give you our opinion.

They’re cheaper headphones with fewer features than their bigger brothers, and that’s where their pros and cons lie. if you were thinking about getting the AirPods 2Here you have reasons to buy them or not and opt for one of the alternatives that we show you.

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AirPods 2 are still great headphones

When did the AirPods 2 go on sale?

The AirPods 2 were featured on March 20, 2019, including some interesting novelties, and went on sale a few days later. In other words, these are headphones that have been on the market for 3 years without internal variations. These are the oldest AirPods that Apple currently sells.

How much do AirPods 2 cost in 2023

Apple continues to officially sell the AirPods 2 in its stores in 2023 at an official price of 149 euros. Even if it is not uncommon to find them much cheaper at other distributors. On Amazon, they are usually sold for 20 or 30 euros less, sometimes reaching 99 euros.

Are AirPods 2 worth buying in 2023

AirPods 2 could be called AirPods SE. As in other Apple product lines like the iPhone SE or the Apple Watch SE, these are products whose main feature is their good price. These are therefore devices with a good value for money.

AirPods are awesome and can be yours for very little

In the case of the AirPods 2, they are more than interesting headphones for most users who are only looking for good wireless headphones at a good price and don’t care too much about advanced sound technologies.

If this is your case, your purchase is highly recommended, although we are going to give you a few reasons both to buy and not to buy them.

Are AirPods 2 worth buying in 2023? We have a Reason for it

These are some of the reasons to buy AirPods 2, the main one is its price because they’re the cheapest AirPods you can buy. But there are other very interesting ones.

  • Much value for a little price. Internally, they’re still very similar to the AirPods 3 and can be found at half the price of those.
  • An iconic design that works. This is the design of the original AirPods and has become an icon, new generations no longer bet on this design.
  • They still sell very well.. Despite the fact that a new generation has come out, millions of users still opt for them due to their low price.

Reasons not to buy AirPods 2 in 2023

There are also reasons not to buy AirPods 2 just yet. particularly related to sound quality and advanced features who do not have the AirPods 2.

  • If you have AirPods 1. If you have first-generation AirPods, it’s probably more worth upgrading to another generation with more differences.
  • You want advanced sound features. The AirPods 2 don’t have active noise cancellation (ANC) or Spatial Audio compatibility, so if that’s important to you, you’re better off going with the AirPods 3 or the AirPods Pro.
  • A fading model. In a year or two, the AirPods 2 will stop selling, so it’s a device that doesn’t have much left on the market.

Apple’s AirPods are awesome, including the AirPods 2

Alternatives to AirPods 2

In the market, we see many alternatives to AirPods, but we focus on those that offer similar functions. Any of these AirPods 2 alternatives will be a good option.

AirPods 3

The AirPods 3 are a clear alternative to the AirPods 2, they are its natural successor and incorporate some interesting new features. In your comparison, we have already seen all the differences, which relate above all to the new design, Spatial Audio, water and sweat resistance, or longer battery life. If this is important to you, you must value them.

Beats Studio Buds

One of the best and most unknown alternatives to the AirPods 2. It is a headset from an Apple-owned brand that has the same immediate pairing technology as the AirPods. In addition, for the same price, they have improvements such as active noise cancellation, more colors available and much longer battery life. They must be taken into account.

AirPods Pro

Apple’s best wireless earbuds are far superior to the AirPods 2 in every way, they also cost twice as much. We have improvements like Active noise cancellation or spatial audio head recognition as well as far superior sound. They are an alternative if we can find them at a good price.