What apps can be removed from iOS 16 and how to do it

What Apps Can be Removed from iOS 16: Not everyone has noticed, but with each generation, iOS becomes more and more open and customizable. So, in iOS 10, for the first time, it became possible to remove standard applications from the desktop so as not to dirty it – okay, a great way to clean up space instead of creating folders.

In iOS 15, the tradition has continued – the number of apps available for deletion has increased. So, those who said that iOS 16 has become even more similar to Android were right – you see, at such a pace it will be possible to change any system app into a custom one. However, let’s see what apps can be removed from ios 16why you need it and how to do it right.

iOS 16 introduces the ability to delete even more stock apps

What Apps Can be Removed from iOS 16?

iOS 16 allows deletion from iPhone 29 applications. True, some applications are still not completely removed, but only the home screen disappears, remaining in the application library. When deleted, some content disappears, for example, uploaded podcasts are completely deleted, but all subscriptions remain. The app itself will no longer appear in CarPlay. And if you delete the Watch app, you will see a warning to break the connection with your smartwatch.

Nearly 30 built-in apps will be uninstallable in iOS 16!

Also, if you uninstall the FaceTime or Phone app, you can still receive calls, but Stocks or Weather will no longer be available. However, they are easy to flip: just go to the App Store and find the system app you want, then download it to your iPhone. The list of system apps that can be deleted from iPhones is as follows.

  • Calendar.
  • Calculator.
  • Books.
  • Compass.
  • contacts.
  • face time.
  • Files.
  • Accommodation.
  • iTunes.
  • Cards.
  • Mail.
  • Roulette.
  • Music.
  • new.
  • Remarks.
  • Podcasts.
  • Reminders.
  • The teams.
  • Store.
  • Tips.
  • AppleTV.
  • Dictaphone.
  • Time.
  • Look.
  • Translation.

iOS 16 added Camera, Clock, Latitude, and Fitness to this list. Admittedly, the camera is only removed from the desktop, and the clock is generally strange to remove from the iPhone. You can also remove the Latitude app, but nothing will change: a system warning appears stating that Find My iPhone will continue to work, and geolocation will also be visible to those you share it with.

Of course, if you think that’s how Apple wants to respect users, then you’re very wrong: the company only respects European law. Two years ago, a law was passed requiring IT companies to add the ability to remove any app from the phone. You may also have noticed that Apple added the ability to install third-party apps due to country requirements when you first boot your device.

How to Delete Default Apps from iPhone?

Previously you had to launch apps in a folder so they wouldn’t interfere, but now everything is easier

To remove the built-in app from iPhone, no further manipulation is necessary. Do it the same way you would with regular programs. Just in case, let’s remember.

  • On an iPhone or iPad, long-press an app icon.
  • Click the minus sign or select Uninstall app from the context menu.
  • Then select “Remove an app” or “Remove from the home screen” for non-removable programs.

If you have an Apple Watch, after deleting it from your iPhone, the app will also disappear from your smartwatch. In case you need it, you can always restore the app from the app store.

All standard apps are in the App Store

  • Go to App Store on iPhone
  • Enter the name of the application in the search bar and click on “Search”
  • Then click “Download” and wait for the app to recover on your iPhone.

On the one hand, deleting apps may seem like a prank, but it’s not: it’s a great way to tidy up your home screen, improve device functionality, and ensure that applications do not duplicate each other. For example, if you already have an email client, Google Chrome, or a streaming service, you’re unlikely to need standard Mail, Safari, or Music.

On the other hand, some apps aren’t completely removed and can’t be changed, so that’s not of much use – again, just a chance to put things in order: Apple still lets you change only standard mail and browser, but nothing Suite. But we have to wait – one day this opportunity will definitely arise.

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