Check out the prototype design of the Apple Watch Series 8, so far the best concept we’ve seen

The design of the new Apple Watch Series 8 that we expect in September 2023.

Apple watch maintained a similar design from Series 4 to Series 7, so rumors point to the design change in the 8 series.

Before the Series 7 watch hit the market, forecasts indicated a flatter, squarer design to continue in the same vein as Macs, iPads and iPhones.

However, due to Apple production issues in 2021, this new design did not materialize in the Apple Watch Series 7 coming to market with updates and very slight changes in its characteristics.

But of next-generation design what we know, will there really be a change in his appearance? We are going to tell you the last thing that so far is described as the best concept of Apple Watch Series 8.

The best “rendering” design we’ve seen of the Apple Watch Series 8

the most revolutionary design of the Apple Watch is designed for the Series 8 in 2023.

A quite attractive design is shown on the model made by a 3D concept artist known as Shailesh Hariharan, so far considered the one with the best integration, which would add a more robust and resistant structure to the new design of the Apple Watch Series 8.

Apple Watch Series 8 render

  • A watch designed with a subtle side edge more square and rounded cuts.
  • design that provides a big screen making the most of its space, growing about 1mm taller than the Series 7 Watch, which was the most-used screen on the Apple Watch so far.
  • Use the sphere which brought the Apple Watch Series 7 in 2021, called Outlineallowing you to take advantage of the space and giving a feeling of a big screen.

He’s talking about other news on the Apple Watch Series 8 which would essentially enter 2 sizes, a 41mm and a 45mm. On the other hand, we assume that the bigger size up to 47 mm, with a redesign dedicated to extreme athletes who would come off-road.

We will only have to wait if what is said will be real, as predicted by Ross Young, one of Apple’s top analysts.

Other features the Apple Watch Series 8 rendered model would include

Not only would the Apple Watch Series 8 change be external, but from the inside it would come with improvements. Apple Analytics says the new design will be released:

  • with a new processor something faster than the 7 Series.
  • With a longer battery life (320 mAh)and new features.
  • Offering a better seal and a new speaker grille on the outside.
  • As soon as biomedical technology sensors things change, because the sensor of real-time body temperature is expected for September 2023. With this sensor, one of the expected prototypes materializes in the Apple Watch Series 8, which they promised.

Apple Watch Health Sensors

  • Other sensors more technical, such as measuring blood pressure and the sensor measure blood sugar will stay for future Apple Watch series. The technology required for these new sensors is being developed, but many regulations and certifications are required. Apple is therefore working hard with the aim of achieving them by 2025.

Although at the moment we are only talking about possible designs without formalizations declared by Apple, we can say that the prototype end of 2023 will include:

  • Screen with a new design.
  • New health sensor to measure temperature.
  • Special size for extreme sports users.

It is a more precise idea of ​​what will be the Next Generation Apple Watch Series 8.