Everything we know about the Apple Watch SE 2: Processor, Release date, price

Apple Watch SE 2: Released in 2020, Apple WatchSE gained popularity almost immediately. Given their characteristics, this was not surprising.

Similar processor and design at the top of the time Series 5. Nicer price than the old version of the watch. Of the minuses it was possible to name only the absence Always displayed and possibility to save EKG.

But about screen always on on apple watch many copies have already been broken. Most users note that its activation significantly affects the autonomy. Therefore, those for whom it is important battery lifetrying to disable this feature. BUT ECG in hoursin principle, is necessary for a very small number of people.

The number of bracelets for Apple Watch SE exceeds all imaginable limits.

Therefore, upon release Apple WatchSE become the best choice for most buyers. And now, two years later, the first details have started to appear Second-generation Apple Watch SE. Let’s see what kind of processor the new affordable watch model will get, when it will be released and how much it will cost.

Apple Watch SE 2023

Externally, the new generation of Apple Watch SE will not differ from the old one.

The popularity of SE versions of their devices Apple tested on iPhone. Released in 2016 the first iPhoneSE in the design of the iPhone 5 and with the padding of the 6S, the company was able to achieve very respectable sales. Unfortunately, this series seems to have been closed in 2018 and revived in 2020. Since then, every two years, Apple has updated the hardware of these smartphones without changing the classic design. The same story is expected with the clock.

If you follow the rules iPhoneSEso this fall they are waiting for us Apple Watch SE 2 in a classic design with updated hardware. According to Mark Gurman, the new generation cheap apple watch will receive similar screen sizes to the current generation Apple Watch SE 40 and 44mm.

Apple has no plans to move this line of watches to larger screens, as reported in Series 7. However, most likely, the new generation will receive a processor from Series 8which will have a very positive effect on performance and battery life.

It is not clear if Cupertino will use in this model Always displayed. In my opinion, it is worth adding this technology to watches, because now even the cheapest devices, for example, the same Mi Band 7, are equipped with a permanent screen.

For a watch, this functionality is much more important than for a smartphone. After all, it is more convenient to determine the time by simply glancing at the screen than to make an extra hand movement to activate the display.

What Mark Gurman reports as practically a fait accompli is the presence of pulse oximetera sensor for measuring blood oxygen saturation and ECG.

What will certainly not be in Apple Watch SE 2 is a body temperature sensor. In a separate article, we talked about how this sensor works. It will be exclusive to Series 8 and the protected version of the Apple Watch, which you can read about in a separate article.

The new power saving mode will also bypass the Apple Watch SE 2. Therefore, the battery life of this version of the watch will remain at the same level.

The Apple Watch SE 2 will be announced alongside the new iPhones in September. Since they will disappear from the line Series 3, then SE 2 will be the most budget version of Apple watch. Therefore, their cost is expected at the level of the first generation – $ 279.

If the political situation does not change before the presentation, we will not officially sell this version of the watch. In this situation.

Which Apple Watch to Buy?

With the new watch faces in watchOS 9, anyone can personalize their watch.

If you need a watch right now and don’t want to wait until fall, then the best choice would be Apple Watch SE first generation with a 44mm screen. In this size, the watch is equipped with a larger battery capacity, which will positively affect the battery life.

Under no circumstances should you buy the Series 3, because watch OS 9 will no longer be available for this model, and the performance already leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not really surprising since they came out in 2017 with iPhone X.

Among the real flaws of the Apple Watch SE, only no permanent display. As I said above, this mode is not suitable for all users, because it drains the watch a lot. If this moment is not fundamental for you, then, in fact, it is the SE which is now the ideal watch for the iPhone.