The Apple Watch flashlight has a red color option, do you know why?

The Apple Watch’s flashlight has a red option, and it’s for a reason you probably didn’t know.

Few people know but the Apple Watch includes a flashlight that can help us in many circumstances, especially when we are in low-light situations. Logic would think that white is the ideal color for a flashlight, but one of the Apple Watch flashlight options has a red color for a reason not everyone knows about.

The Apple Watch flashlight has three positions one in white color, another in white color that flashes emitting the SOS signal, and another position in color dark red.

The Apple Watch Flashlight has a red color option, do you know why?

How to Access the Apple Watch Flashlight?

The Apple Watch flashlight is located in the control center of the small device, here is what you need to do to activate it:

  • Swipe up on the Apple Watch screen.
  • Tap the flashlight icon.
  • Slide sideways to attach one of 3 types of flashlights, the last one is red.
apple watch flashlight

Why is there a red flashlight option on Apple Watch?

Apple has never revealed why it offers a red Apple Watch flashlight option. Although the reason for this option is known. The white light we get from the iPhone or Apple Watch flashlight is a brighter option but there are situations where this is not ideal.

The normal thing is that Let’s use the Apple Watch flashlight in low light conditions, and at this point our eyes are accustomed and our pupils dilated. We can say that our eyes are in night mode.

If at this moment we activate the white light of the Apple Watch, our eyes will interpret it as daylight, our pupils will close and as soon as we turn off the flashlight we won’t see anything. However, with the red light, we will not lose this night vision less affecting the pupils of our eyes.

In addition, the red light will affect other people who may be sleeping or are next to us in the cinema or theater. In fact, with the Apple Watch’s theater mode enabled, pressing the default flashlight will appear red.

In summary, red light affects our night vision less and also does not affect other people who can be asleep, making it ideal for use at night while lighting the way or searching for something in a dark room.