What are the Apple Watch faces and How to use them?

Apple is quite scrupulous about the development of its devices, but also about the operating systems and the interface they contain: you have probably already paid attention to the clarity with which everything is drawn in iOS and the attention paid to little things.

For example, when you turn on the flashlight, the icon switch itself moves – everything is so imperceptible that you are amazed when you find it.

Or take, for example, the Apple Watch: each smartwatch face not only has an original design, but even a history of creation and function. We say what are the faces of apple watch and how to use them.

We tell you what is the secret of the different Apple Watch faces and how to use them

The most popular Apple Watch faces

Take for example some of the popular watch faces for Apple smartwatches: California, Chronograph, Count Up (Diver) and also GMT known as Greenwich Mean Time. At first glance, it may seem that these are ordinary, beautiful and perfectly designed clock screensavers.

But this is not so: not only each of them has its own functions, but also the story of creation. For starters, it’s important to understand that every watch face is a direct reference to an existing watch, not just a design pulled from nowhere.

The California sundial has a story

    • California dial – one of the most popular for Apple Watch. It has a simple minimalist design with no unnecessary elements. It may seem that the name refers to the location of Apple’s headquarters, but everything is somewhat different. The original design was designed and owned by Rolex and features Arabic numerals. By the way, in the Apple Watch you can change them to Roman or mix the two styles, or even disable the numbers altogether.

The chronograph is one of the most difficult to understand, but practical

    • Chronograph dial – designed for people who, in addition to hours, also need a stopwatch. The first chronograph is believed to have been produced in 1822 and has since been modified by Breitling and Longines. In Apple’s variant, it has two additional mini-dials with numbers that weren’t in the original. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who went to the moon, had an Omega watch. There’s also the Chronograph Pro dial, a more complicated version with an additional bezel.

The diver was created for military divers and has a specific function.

    • Dial diver called that for a reason. It has a rotating dive bezel to help you read the elapsed time in minutes when diving. In the original, this dial was on Oyster watches – it is this company that owns the patent.

Greenwich has a two-tone bezel for a reason.

  • Dial Greenwich called that for a reason. It is a tribute to the GMT Master watch, which was designed for travelers to adapt to other time zones. In the original, the numbers were only on the bezel, but Apple moved them to the dial itself.

now you know what watch faces design for apple watch clearly not taken from the ceiling. But how do they work? Now let’s explain.

Features of Apple Watch faces

The most interesting thing is how watch faces work on apple watch: Not everyone knows that it is not only a smart watch decoration, but also a useful function. Each of the aforementioned watch faces works differently and can be used in almost any situation in life. Remember!

How to Use Popular Apple Watch faces?

  • The California watch face is the simplest and has no hidden chips, but it has many settings: you can change the color, change the layout to Roman, include more Roman, Arabic and Indian Arabic numerals, and you can also change its shape to make it spin.
  • The chronograph dial allows run counters on apple watch screen. With stopwatch stop button, you can memorize the result, and another second hand will move on the screen. The second sub-dial has a minute counter that works similarly. The Pro version has a tachymeter to measure speed, and it also has an active bezel.
  • The most interesting of all watch faces is undoubtedly Diver. Touch the bezel to lock the apple watch minute handto count down the dive time from a specific minute. In addition to diving, such a calculation can be useful in other situations, for example, when cooking.
  • When using the Greenwich watch face, you need to press it or rotate the digital crown, after which the bezel will rotate according to the suggested time zone. Two colors (red and blue) – for a reason. They display the time of day or night at a specific location.

There are a lot of faces for the Apple Watch: you won’t believe it, but each one has its own history and hidden features, whether it’s a Kaleidoscope or even a sport from Nike.

In addition, each of them requires serious and careful work from engineers, which is why they turn out to be so detailed.

Write in the comments which watch face you use and what you like about it!