These two gestures could make it to the next Apple Pencil

Apple patents an Apple Pencil with areas for two new touch gestures

Apple usually does ongoing patent procedures in order to save ideas for future projects. Many of them allowed us to know the direction that the company decides for its devices. Sometimes they even surprise us and lead us to idealize incredible novelties.
On this occasion, of Cupertino received a new patent granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and which refers to news that would come to the latest generation of Apple Pencil.

The latest information on the Apple Pencil has opened up the possibility that it will come with a new version compatible with Mac, but it seems that is not the only option considered by the company.

In the recent patent discovered by Patently, Apple there is mention of a new plan to add and configure multiple touch sensors for a next-generation Apple Pencil.

These new sensors would focus on two gestures, one rotating, and one sliding. Additionally, they would be located inside the case and could be spaced apart. That is, in different areas of the device and not in one.

The document also explains the following:

“Gestures detected by the separate touch sensors could be interpreted as different user input based on pre-programmed functions to be performed by Apple Pencil and/or an external device upon sensing user gestures.”

This means that the new sensors could be placed and operated independently to the grip area of ​​the Apple Pencil. The functions would be available anywhere around the pencil and the gestures would be as follows.

Swipe gesture: A swipe can change a characteristic of a stroke or user input, such as color, size, width, width, shape, etc.

Other features that may be available include copy, paste, cut, undo or redo.

Rolling gesture: This one would be designed to serve a primary and very important function, providing finger gestures to zoom in, zoom out or rotate.

Figure shared by Patently, Apple showing the interior design the new Apple Pencil would have with more gestures

A few months ago, there was talk of an Apple Pencil touch gesture. This new patent reinforces this idea and one might start to think that it could become a reality and it would be one of the next releases from Apple.