Apple Launches New Apple Courses for Device Professionals

IT professionals can be trained and certified with two new Apple courses focused on support and devices.

IT professionals and related can train and certify with new courses introduced by Apple. They will be able to learn how to offer support and manage the various devices dedicated to working.

A Great Opportunity to Learn and Get Certified in Apple Training Courses

This program starts today and is available on the Apple Training website. The courses will be carried out online and with a user-paced study modality. In total there are 2 courses in which you can get certified in “Apple Device Support” and “Apple Deployment and Management”. At the end of the course content, you will take an exam that will lead directly to certification.

For the support course, those in Cupertino show what the tools, services and practices used by a team of professionals are like, including technical coordinators, service providers or the same who could be located in Apple support centers. About 14 hours of content with articles and exercises.

Apple Courses for Device Professionals, one of the most striking and final costs

On the other hand, there is Apple Deployment and Administration Course. It has the same elements shown as in the first lesson but here focuses on setting up, managing and securing your own branded devices. The course develops an implementation strategy based on two platforms, Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager.

Regardless of the learner’s skill level, classes are fully sequential and track progress to ensure that there is competition, precisely, for the certification exam and with the corresponding digital badges.

The cost of the exam is $250 and can be viewed at this Apple Training link. For professionals who don’t have enough resources but have the right skills, Apple offers coupons through the Mac Admins Foundation.