How to Delete, View, and Move Apps in Apple CarPlay

Not sure how to set up your Apple CarPlay? Here we show you how to remove, move and add apps to the service.


Apple CarPlay is one of the best news that the company has for all drivers who want the best tools for their cars. You practically have the iPhone screen mirrored on the vehicle screen, so accessing apps like WhatsApp can be very easy.

The issue occurs when users fill up the car screen with dozens of apps, many of which are even useless while driving. For this reason, we are going to show you how to delete, display and move applications in Apple CarPlay.

How to remove or add apps to Apple CarPlay?

The steps to add or remove apps to CarPlay are easy to follow:

  • Open iPhone Settings, then General.
  • Select CarPlay
  • In the “My car” section, choose the car.
  • Inside, select “Personalize”, where you will see all the applications installed on the iPhone that are compatible with CarPlay.
  • Press the red (remove) button to remove apps from the car screen.
  • By pressing the green (add) button, an application can be added to be displayed on the car screen.
  • If you need to get everything back to normal, just select “Reset” and then “Reset Home Screen Layout”.

In this process, you can do it as many times as needed even with each installation of a new application likely to become compatible.

The process to delete, modify and move applications is very simple

How to move and change the order of CarPlay apps?

If the apps you need have already been added (or removed), they can be moved or changed according to user preferences this way:

  • Open the iPhone Settings app, then “General”.
  • Then open CarPlay and select the name of the car, then “Customize”.
  • Touch the three lines icon next to the app you want, and there you can scroll up or down to change the order.

Apps that appear at the top of the list will appear on the first page of the car screen. The bottom ones will be visible on the second, third, or even fourth page.

Which apps are displayed in Apple CarPlay?

Apple usually chooses the most popular apps or more useful to display them in Apple Carplay, such as Music, Maps, Messages, Calls, or Audiobooks. Besides, other widely used apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or Telegram are also displayed.

The problem starts when you start downloading some of the best apps for Apple CarPlay because the screen will be filled with logos and then it will be very difficult to try to find some while driving. For this reason, it is recommended to delete or move them according to your preferences. How to delete notifications in Apple CarPlay

As you can see, the process of changing, moving or deleting applications is very simple, and very few people knew how to do it. Always keep the process in mind for the future.