The Apple Car could use virtual reality and have no windows

Apple Car could not have windows and its viewing method would be VR glasses, which would also work as entertainment methods.

Since 2014 we heard rumors about the Apple Car vehiclebut so far we have only been able to see certain concepts and functions that the vehicle could have, such as its equipment.

Another rumor just came out about the Apple Car, which it has to do with VR technology and comfort amenities. According to the latest leaks, the company’s vehicle could be windowless, providing visibility using cameras and special glasses.

Apple Car could use virtual reality

VR Scout reported that Apple wants its Apple car to have VR technologies, rather than traditional windows. The web showed a patent where we can see that the driver and companions could use virtual reality for travel entertainment.

VR content is synchronized with the movement and acceleration of the self-driving vehicle as it travels to your desired location, providing a unique location-based experience that changes depending on your journey.

Apple Car could be windowless and its viewing method would be VR glasses and exterior cameras.

In addition to entertainment VR Scout mentions that this technology could be used to eliminate motion sicknesssince seeing the outside through the VR headset, the feeling you have inside the trip would be more enjoyable and personalized.

The technology could also be used for watching videos and reading books in a stabilized environment, as well as holding virtual meetings while traveling.

These technologies would make sense, especially since it’s been reported that the Apple Car could cost upwards of $100,000. the vehicle would be located in the eco-sport sectorbeing a direct competitor of Tesla.

We don’t know much about the Apple car yet, but with new patents emerging and new engineering hires, we can begin to get a glimpse of what the next big smart car might contain. His departure date could be 2025 at the earliest.