iPhone Says App Store connection failed. What to do

Even though Apple has not disabled App Store, from Time to Time, users encounter the unavailability of the App Store. iPhone says: Unable to connect to App Store“. At such times, you cannot download anything, much less buy anything, and even just view the content available on the platform. 

iPhone App Store Connection Failed – What to do?

This is one of the most common app store errors. Because the reasons why the App Store is not loading can be very different, the first step is to exclude accidental failure. 

To do this, you need to do the most straightforward manipulations that may seem useless to you, but without them, it is simply meaningless to move on to other ways to solve the problem. Here is what you need to do in the first step:

  • Try turning off Wi-Fi and switching to cellular data;
  • If you have cellular data turned on, turn it off and back on;
  • If the App Store does not load on Wi-Fi only, restart your router;
  • Disable your VPN and try to activate the App Store without it;
  • Try restarting your smartphone;
  • Make sure the latest version of iOS is installed on the iPhone – if not, install the latest system update;
  • Check the activity of the servers that provide the App Store;
  • Try offloading the App Store from the multitasking menu and restarting.

Despite the seeming banality of these recommendations, they are helpful in most cases. Restore the app store. Practice shows that most often, the problem lies in the cellular network or Wi-Fi failures. 

Therefore, tips on debugging them should be applied first, and if they do not help, proceed to everybody. However, in some cases changing the network source doesn’t help. Then you need to move on to something more specific.

The Internet is not working on iPhones.

First of all, if you have Dual SIM iPhone, even if it’s an eSIM, I’d recommend making sure you’re currently using a number with internet access. 

Because sometimes, sim cards change on their own if one of them, for example, loses the network. To avoid leaving the user without a connection, iOS automatically begins using another number and does not return from it.

  • Open “Settings” and go to the “Cellular” section;
  • Open “Cellular Rates,” select a number with Internet, and make sure LTE is enabled in the “Voice & Data” tab (if you live in an area with poor LTE coverage, select 3G);

Disable automatic switching between SIM cards

  • Then select the “Cellular data” tab and check the box next to the number with the Internet;
  • Turn off cellular data failover if you don’t want the numbers to change on signal loss.

Switching to 3G can help to improve the quality of the network connection because if you are in an area with poor LTE coverage, then the smartphone will constantly try to find a network that is not there. And 3G, even though it’s a slower standard, will almost certainly work where 4G doesn’t.

How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone?

Do not exceed? You can also try resetting network settings on your iPhone. But you should use this method only if the device’s Internet does not work. That is, access cannot be obtained not only to the App Store but also to other online services and websites, including through a browser.

  • Go to “Settings” – “General”;
  • Select “Transfer or reset iPhone”;

Resetting network settings should only be used as a last resort.

  • In the window that opens, select “Reset”;
  • Click “Reset Network Settings” and confirm the action.

Reset network settings will reset them and return to the factory state. Sometimes this method helps. In addition, it works in cases where problems are observed in the operation of cellular communications and Wi-Fi networks. 

Another thing is that if the cause of the failure is interruptions on the operator side, the reset does not help you. Therefore, this method should only be used as a last resort.

How to Change DNS on iPhone?

If a signal strength issues no, and there is no need to switch between sim cards, maybe it’s a DNS issue. We talked about what it is in this article – be sure to check it out; there is a lot of helpful information. 

In short, DNS is responsible for establishing a connection with the servers running the service you are accessing. Sometimes DNS may work intermittently or not at all – for example, due to blocking by Roskomnadzor – in which case you need to replace it with another one.

  • Open “Settings” and select the Wi-Fi tab;
  • Find your connection and click the I icon next to it;

Changing DNS can not only fix app store access problems but also speed up Internet

  • In the window that opens, select “DNS Settings”;
  • Select “Manual” – “Add Server” and enter 3 addresses:,, and

I recommend using the default DNS address It belongs to the provider Cloudflare, which has servers worldwide, thanks to which it manages to provide high stability and signal speed. 

Unlike the VPN service of the same name, Nobody is blocking – the authorities have no complaints against it because it does not allow you to bypass blocking. However, it’s better to have and, just in case.

How to Set Time on iPhone?

Even though our iPhones receive current date and time information from various sources, sometimes the auto setting is lost or accidentally turned off. In such cases, the smartphone clock starts to go wrong, or the date turns out to be completely different from what it is.

Because of this, a conflict may arise when trying to get access to Apple services and the App Store in particular. So you need to set the exact Time:

  • Open “Settings” and go to “General”;
  • In the window that opens, select “Date and time”;

Date settings are also important

  • Activate the “Automatic” option;
  • Wait for the Time to be determined and reaccess the App Store.

 Jet lag can indeed lead to a crash. Apple Servers work so that you cannot handle a request from the future or the past. Because of this, the service is blocked, and you cannot get there.

And, if the Time and date on the device and on the company servers that provide the App Store are the same, there will be no connection problems.