Antares Autotune EFX: How it works?

The Mixpad plugin has a new section called Automatic Tuning – Antares Autotune EFX. This section is used to tune the sound of the VST/AU plugin. It allows for dynamic range and low-frequency adjustments as well. I will show you how to install Auto-Tune EFX on the mix pad and then see how to change the settings inside of Auto-Tune EFX.

Plugins and effects that use Antares Autotune EFX:

Most autotune plugins (including iZotope, iZotopePro, and VSTi) can be controlled with one of two methods:

1) A gain control knob (x3 or x2) controls the plugin’s gain. In my case, it is x2 as this gives me an x2 amount of gain between 1% and 10%. Or in other words, it controls how much gain I want when using this plugin.

2) A “detune” knob – This controls how much detune I want to have in my mix. If I set it at -6dB, this will give me a 6dB detune in my mix, but if I set it at +3dB, this will give me a 15dB detune. In other words, you can have a 6dB detune or 15dB detune depending on what your preferences are for that particular plugin

I use 1% to 6% as an example here, but if you want to use a higher amount of detuning, you can probably do that too. NOTE: You can also set the Detune knob to 0.5dB if you want to have no detune, but I think this is a little too harsh for my taste.

3) A “control” knob controls the effect level controlled by Auto-Tune EFX. To set this knob, I just set it to -1dB, and then it will go up and down by 1dB until I get what I need from Auto-Tune EFX. I’m sure there are other ways to control the level of an effect, but this is my preference because it’s easier to change if you don’t have a fancy way of doing it.

This is pretty much how you would use Auto-Tune EFX in your mix, but here are a few tips for newbies:

You can even control your gain with Auto-Tune EFX! You can find more information about how this works at If you don’t know how Auto-Tune EFX works yet, read on!

1) The gain control knob allows you to choose between 1% or 6% detuning (depending on how much detune you want). This currently only controls how much gain I want in my mix instead of setting the amount of detuning in my mix directly into the plugin settings