Android 12 for Samsung mobiles is much closer

If you have a relatively new Samsung mobile, we have good news for you: the update of Android 12 Android 11 will arrive earlier than last year. Samsung he rushes to prepare everything needed to launch beta versions in different countries and markets. If all goes as planned this year, the Samsung mobiles will upgrade to Android 12 a little earlier than expected. At present, the company has almost everything ready to launch the first phase of the actualization.

Android 12 for Samsung: Mobiles will see Android 12 ahead of time

Android 12 for Samsung

Samsung has been worrying more and more in recent years about updates, support time and the speed of arrival of new operating systems. It seems that with Android 12, the Korean company has improved a bit and is already working on launch the first beta as soon as possible.

An entry in the blog of the Samsung community in Korea aroused suspicion. Everything indicates that Samsung already has the first beta of A user interface 4.0 and Android 12 to launch it on the various markets. This is great news, because everything is happening sooner than expected.

In 2020, with Android 11, everything was a bit slower, so it dragged on the latest updates and the landing of Android 11 and One UI 3.0 in western markets. This year, with Android 12 and One UI 4.0, everything could be faster and the latest updates will arrive sooner than expected.

Good news, but there are still months to update

Android 12 for Samsung

Of course, that Samsung is already at work is great news, but it should not be confused with a imminent arrival of Android 12 on your Samsung mobile. At the moment, the news is talking about the first beta, which will probably be deployed before in Asian countries.

Through the application of Samsung Members users will be able to sign up to download the beta, although there is still time before the beta can be downloaded in the west. In addition, it will be available only for certain high-end devices.

The summary is that everything is to come, but not for this reason, you should think that in a few weeks you will have Android 12 running on your Samsung. There are still several months of testing and deployment to get there. With a little luck, if you have a mobile purchased in 2021 you can update it before the end of the year.