An Alleged Regional Diglett Leaked: Geyser Diglett

We have officially entered into the era of rumours and leaks on the Internet before the release of each new generation of Pokémon. If yesterday we knew the supposed news Weird regional form for Pokémon Scarlet and Purple today, it was the turn of another well-known Pokémon from the first generation, diglet.

A Geyser Diglett Water type?

As we can see in this Poké Leaks Reddit Subforum Post, the Diglett from Pokémon Scarlet and Purple would be based on a geyser, a column of hot water and steam that emanates from the interior of the earth. In this case, it would retain its earth type, which would be added the type of water, a reasonably powerful combination that other Pokémon like Swampert or Gastrodon already have.

It would be the second regional form this Pokémon receives if officially confirmed. Then in the titles pokemon sun and moon, we have already met the Diglett and the Alola Dugtrio, which were Earth and Steel types. The latter had caused a sensation at the time because of his curious blond hair.

As always, we must remember that we can’t take it all for real until confirmed or denied by an official source, whether Nintendo or Game Freak. This information could be given in a future Pokémon Presents dedicated to Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, which we know little more than the first and which the region would be based in Spain.