Amazon Echo Devices Color Classification

Learn the different Echo device LED colors and get the most out of your device with Alexa: Amazon Echo Devices Color Classification

Over the years, Alexa has become a benchmark for smart devices. Thanks to these smart devices, we can perform several functions. We can listen to music, add reminders or alarms, timers, find out what the weather will be like today or even tell a joke.

Alexa’s Echo speakers are a reference in our daily lives

It is very common for Echo speakers to display colored lights. They therefore incorporate a light that shows at all times the different states in which it is found. If we never knew what some of the colors mean showing the ring, we will detail below all possible combinations.

What does the Yellow Light Mean?

If the light ring is yellow, it is normally a light that comes on every few seconds. This light indicates that the device has a notification or there is a reminder pending.In order to know the notifications that we have pending, we must say Alexa, read notifications or Alexa, tell me reminders.

From the Echo Show device we can also see notifications if click on the notification bell on the screen.

What does Blue Light Mean?

It is undoubtedly the color par excellence of our Amazon device. Means that He listens to us. The light ring will flash briefly when Alexa hears our request and processes it. will score where does our voice come from with a weaker blue light.

Alexa shows a blue led when it initializes or listens for commands

On the contrary, if the light is not fixed and in this case it turns slowly, it means that the device is starting either because we have plugged it in or because it is updating. Normally, in this state, this light will turn cyan instead of full blue and it will cycle through the device.

What does the Green Light Mean?

If the light is green, it does not mean that we have done something well or that the device has a 100% battery. The green light on our Alexa device alerts us to several things. when the light is blinking green, someone breaks into our device using “Drop In” or we get a call. However, if the light green rotates counterclockwise means that the device is in a active call or that “Drop In” is active.

What does purple light mean?

Violet light stands for “Do not disturb”. In this mode, if we make a request, the light will briefly appear in this color when the command completes. During the initial setup of the device, the purple color indicates if there are problems with the WI-FI network.

The Echo is in Do Not Disturb mode with a purple light

What does the red light mean

A solid red light on our Alexa device, indicates that we have disabled the microphone, so the device will not listen to the orders we give it. To reactivate the microphone, press the corresponding device button again. Echo will have the microphone muted if the light is red

If our device is a camera, a red light bar indicates that the video cannot be shared.

What does white light mean?

When we want to listen to music or increase or decrease the volume of the device, our smart speaker will mark in white color the volume level we have currently on the device.

Moreover, if the the light turns white means Alexa Guard is on and in Away From Home mode. To remove this mode, it will have to be done from the Alexa application.

What does the orange light mean

If the device LED is amber, the device is in configuration mode. The light normally rotates clockwise in this color. It can also mean that the device unable to connect to WIFI networkso if we try to give it a command, the device He will tell us that he cannot connect and that the configuration parameters must be reviewed.

With this we will be able to know what each light and rhythm of our smart speaker means. If at any time we have forgotten any of the colors or rhythms, we can simply ask Alexa what does your light mean? help us get rid of doubts.