Airpod Pro 2 Review: Design, Sound and New Sensors

Second-generation AirPods Pro Rumors have been swirling for some time. Some leaks predicted a drastic overhaul for them. They were supposed to get rid of the legs. Other sources said they will have more health-tracking sensors.

After all, most use headphones during sports, and this is the time when fixing some indicators is very important.

The second-generation AirPods Pro is one of Apple’s most anticipated gadgets.

And now 52audio has unveiled the first renders of the AirPods Pro 2. We’ve combined all the leaks in functionality and design. Let’s see what headphones are waiting for us.

Airpod Pro 2 Review

By the appearance of the “ears” themselves, it will not be clear whether this is the second generation.

Over the past two years, rumors about the new generation of AirPods Pro were many and varied. And only now are they beginning to materialize into something big. Thanks to the renders, we can understand how the new TWS-apple headphones.

What is already said with great certainty is that the design will remain unchanged. Airpods Pro 2 retains the appearance of the first generation with one leg. Apparently, at the time of the shortage of components and the rising cost of production, Apple simply did not dare to rethink. Therefore, by the “ears” themselves, it will be almost imperceptible that you are the owner of a new generation.

The drawstring case looks like a nod to the iPod.

The most notable appearance changes will receive a charging case. Lightning will be replaced by USB-C, speaker, microphone, and cord appear. The speaker will be used for the search function, like in the airbag.

The case will be able to emit sound in the lost mode, which will, in fact, make it possible to use the case as an analog of the AirTag beacon.

The coolest feature of the new AirPods Pro case there will be a microphone. With it, people with hearing loss will be able to use them as fully-fledged hearing aid. The box will “listen” to the sound, amplify it and transmit it to the headphones.

A new processor to be installed in Airpods Pro 2 will improve the sound quality. I wish these were the first “ears” in the Apple line that support lossless. Maybe Apple will come up with some sort of its own high-quality audio transmission protocol since current FLAC and ALAC will offload AirPods Pro 2 Battery Not just fast, but very fast.

The earphones will be equipped with a heart rate sensor and body temperature detection through a skin contact sensor similar to the AirPods 3. It is not clear what these sensors will be used for and if synchronization with the ‘Apple Watch will be possible. According to some information, a heart rate sensor allows you to fine-tune the EQ for a particular listener.

How this will be implemented, will be possible to find out only after the launch of the headset. It is possible that they are simply used for the intended purpose and nothing more. If you can combine data from two sources and generate truly accurate health data, then Apple could make a small breakthrough.

Hopefully, the new generation of headphones will do away with the creaking issues that served as the basis for the recall of a sizable batch of devices that have already been sold.

AirPods Pro 2 – When will they be Released?

New headphones may be shipped without a charging cable in the kit. All with a view to preserving value.

The release of new AirPods is expected in the fall with the iPhone 14. That’s when we’ll find out if the rumors are true or not. The AirPods Pro 2 will replace the likely discontinued AirPods Pro in Apple’s line of TWS headphones. The AirPods 3 are priced at $179 and aren’t very good. But their positioning is still different. AirPods Pro 2 are active noise-canceling headphones.

While AirPods 3 are ordinary headphones. Sound quality thanks to the ability to mute external noise, will certainly be better on the AirPods Pro 2. If Apple manages to improve battery life in the second generation of firmware, then the choice of fans for TWS earphones will soon be difficult.

It is very interesting to know if Cupertino will add a feature skin contact sensor in AirPods 3. Now it allows you to more accurately determine the location of the earpiece in the ear.

AirPods Pro 2, should also learn to determine body temperature. Perhaps the third generation of conventional “pods” will receive a similar update.

In fact, everything TWS headphones which are now in the Apple range are successes. It’s thanks to Apple that this form factor has become so popular. For many, the main question is whether it will be possible for Cupertino to keep the price of firmware at the same level.

To be honest, there are big doubts about it, because there will really be a lot of improvements. I guess the price is at the $279 level versus $249 in the first generation. I don’t presume to judge how similar the price will be in the market, but I think my audience Airpods Pro 2 finds it anyway.