AAWP Plugin Review: Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP) ✅ is so far the best plugin you can have to set up your Amazon product store and be able to sell in different countries without having to worry about the price change or the products that you are going to show since you can present the best.

What is AAWP Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin?

AAWP is a plugin designed to implement the affiliate business with one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, I mean Amazon; here, you can create affiliate accounts to sell Amazon products from your referral link. This is that for each purchase a person makes through your link, you receive a commission depending on the value of that purchase. At this point, it is important to know what products you want to start marketing to bring them to the right audience.

It is a great way to start an Internet business. The theme here is that you should only start adding products by product if it is one of the best sellers or if your audience will like it. This is where the AAWP plugin comes in, in charge of showing the best to your audience in terms of Amazon products. With just one line, you can show the products you want, the reviews, scores, everything your visitor needs to purchase, and the prices. They update directly with Amazon, so you will never have to think about updating the products,

AAWP Plugin Review

How does AAWP Work?

AAWP allows a short time to have at your fingertips all Amazon products for visitors arriving from different countries; you do not need to know programming or design since it has predetermined templates that you can have at your disposal to show the most relevant Amazon products, the best-selling and highest-scoring. The great advantages are the following:

1. Easy to install and configure: A process that takes no more than 13 minutes.
2. Include products easy and fast: Due to its easy use, you can include different types of products, from specific products to the best sellers, since it handles the famous shortcuts that allow you to organize the information comfortably.
3. Keeps prices updated: A big problem with adding products to your store is that they always have the price updated concerning Amazon (an essential requirement in Amazon’s rules); with AAWP, you keep prices updated; you have to add them and leave let the plugin do the rest.
4. Geotargeting: This is its most powerful functionality because the people who come to your website may be from different countries; the optimal thing would be to show them products from the closest Amazon store; AAWP solves this since you can add all the Amazon affiliate accounts to display products independent of the country.
5. Compatible with templates: Another great potential is that it adapts perfectly to templates; for example, I manage GeneratePress, and it adapts to each component, which is difficult to achieve with other affiliate plugins.
6. Mobile friendly: Nowadays, we look for information directly on our cell phones, and for this reason, your plugins must adapt perfectly; with AAWP, you have already solved that problem.

AAWP Configuration

Because this plugin is always generating improvements, we do not include a configuration; what we do is that whoever wants to buy the plugin contacts us on social networks to schedule a meeting and help that person to configure AAWP.
There are several steps, and we want you to be right in all of them; that’s why we provide personalized accompaniment to make your plugin fully functional. Once you have the plugin installed, you will be able to show features on your website, such as:
Have product prices automatically updated. 
Show a list or a summary of the products you choose.
Showing the best-selling products in the store will save you time not finding out which ones are best to sell.
Installing georetargeting so that each visitor is redirected to the nearest store.
Tips so you can better show your products.
Tip for Google to look favorably on your product page.
And many more things so that you have your store working as it should, and you can monitor all this with the platform that Amazon gives you, plus Google Analytics.

How to Buy AAWP?

The steps are simple; once you have WordPress installed on your website, you have to go to the official AAWP page and buy the package that best suits you, then I will leave you the steps.

  • 1. You enter this link.
  • 2. Select the pricing area
  • 3. Select the option you like the most (you can start with the personal one and then go up to others).
  • 4. fill in your personal and card details.
  • 5. You download the Zip file to your WordPress to install it as a plugin.