6 Telegram Features that Should be in Every App

We wish that 6 Telegram Features that Should be in Every App. If Apple sets the trends in the world of smartphones and other smart technologies, Telegram is in the world of apps. The messenger is updated every month and gets more and more new features.

In my subjective opinion, innovations should be in high demand by developers of other applications: the possibility of personalization should also be in the programs, ranging from clients for social networks to mobile banking. Why is that? Well, first of all, it’s very convenient.

Moreover, in the past year alone, Telegram has accumulated a dozen convenient functions at once. We are talking about plus-plus, which would be useful in other applications.

6 Telegram Features that Should be in Every App

Telegram notification sounds

You can now put any sound or voicemail on notifications

The Telegram app received another update not too long ago. One of the coolest innovations was the ability to set custom sounds – for example, voice messages up to 5 seconds long. It’s surprising that such a feature is only appearing now when users are slowly moving away from ringtones, but, in fact, the feature would be very useful for iPhone owners.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to tell which app the notification is from by standard sounds. A conditional bark from a dog or a laugh from a friend would be an excellent sound notification, for example, from a WhatsApp chat or a banking application, when a long-awaited push regarding a salary transfer is coming.

How to Log Out of Telegram Remotely?

If I forgot to log out of the PC, I can always end the session from the phone

One of Telegram’s most important security features is the ability to remotely log out of your account. Basically, if you have left work, but you have not turned off the PC running the messaging service, you can always close it from your smartphone: to do this, simply go to Telegram on your iPhone to the appropriate paragraph and simply end the session.

Such a function would be useful not only for cloud storage but also for familiar banking applications. For example, when you gave your smartphone to someone or lost it, you can end the session on the device with one click instead of changing the account password, which is sometimes difficult to remember even with a security question.

Hidden Text in Telegram

Hidden text in Telegram is ideal for personal conversations: colleague Rakhmatullin won’t let you lie!

You yourself know how dangerous it is sometimes to send unencrypted messages. Hidden text in Telegram is one of the most important innovations that were missing. Also, the feature has been in iMessage for a long time, but only in The Messenger by Pavel Durov it became relevant.

Hidden text, like messages sent without sound, is very lacking in social networking applications and in the same WhatsApp, which has been innovating for a very long time.

Telegram Schedule

Here is such a convenient attachment navigation provided on Telegram

In one of the updates, the media calendar appeared in Telegram – a kind of analog of Memories in popular social networks. Thus, you can search not only photos but also videos. Agree, it would be convenient to have such convenient navigation in all applications.

Yes, in the same WhatsApp, iMessage or Safari! It would help a lot: you wouldn’t have to constantly climb through attachments looking for the desired video or photo.

Registration in Telegram

Grouped and simplified appearance change, but I prefer not to tear down the settings

I’m not the biggest fan of change in-app design, but Telegram really has the finest and most detailed theme settings. Sometimes, however, something goes wrong and you start to get lost in your own parameters – at least that was the case two or three months ago.

But already in the latest versions, the developers have put things in order in the design parameters and grouped them together. Message block color, background accent, and other additional options are what is missing in nearly 9 out of 10 apps that each of us uses every day.

Ok, that would be very handy to customize the app design depending on the mood. So far, there are very few applications with such parameters, but the same VK is actively working on them.

This is how you can easily return to the desired chat in the Telega

Another small but serious telegram advantage is it impossible to get confused: how often do you have situations where you go from one page to another or to a third one, and then cannot find the original one?

So: in one of the Telegram updates, a convenient navigation system was added, when holding the “Back” button, you can get a list of previous chats where you were. At the moment, it can only be found in Safari and some other browsers, but other apps are lagging behind. For this reason, you do not understand from which page or from which chat you started.

What Telegram features might be useful in other apps? Write your wishes in the comments below!

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