4 Shameless AirPods Questions You’ve Been Afraid to Ask

Every week, from time to time, we check the Telegram chat for interesting questions from our readers, but over time it becomes a little more difficult to do: probably, our website contains answers to all possible questions . , from iPhone crashes to problems with the App Store. But owners of Apple technology often run into trouble, sometimes through their own fault. After going through our chat messages, we’ve picked out a few questions that we really want to answer. Sit down: Today we’ll answer the AirPods questions you’ve been too embarrassed to ask.

Here’s what you need to know about AirPods

How not to lose AirPods

AirPods Questions

AirPods are very easy to lose, but they can be found

Good evening!
Please tell me, I lost an AirPod at home and I can’t find it, the charge has run out – is it possible to find it?

Lose your AirPods very simple, and Apple designed the accessory to make you leave it faster: smooth and shiny body material, compact size, and also how quickly the headphones start bouncing on the floor when you drop them. All this so that you quickly lose one and buy another spare. But seriously, in order not to find them, just use the locator.

  • Open Latitude, select Devices.
  • Click on your AirPods, then on “Play Sound”.
  • After that, listen and you can find the earphone by sound. And in order not to lose them, always keep them in a case, use a lanyard and activate the “Notify if forgotten” function in the same place in the “Notifications” item.

How to distinguish AirPods from a fake

AirPods Questions

A copy of AirPods is difficult to distinguish from the original, and it is also harmful to health

Please tell me how to identify AirPods Pro from fake? For example, I am guided by the serial number which is specified in the iPhone settings

We have written a lot of articles on this subject, but at the same time the scammers did not stand still and continued to make better copies of AirPods. Although, given the large number of bugs in Apple’s headphones, it remains to be seen who the real scammer is. Anyway, copies of AirPods have become incredibly accurate: there’s a pop-up window on the iPhone screen, and a serial number that appears on Apple’s website, and even the contents of the case lid, which is translucent.

According to world statistics fake AirPods account for almost 90%, so the answer is simple: the original AirPods are almost indistinguishable. At the same time, copies sometimes even end up in trusted stores (and even packaged like the original!). And are originals needed, if there are good analogues from other manufacturers?

Which is better: Beats or AirPods

AirPods Questions

The Beats Studio Buds fit better in the ears and definitely don’t fall out.

AirPods and Beats are completely different headphones. The fact that Apple makes them means nothing: AirPods, of sorts, for all occasions, and Beats – headphones for an active lifestyle, after all, it’s not without reason that the face of the brand is basketball player LeBron James. After all, headphones are designed for different smartphones: the firmware is exclusively for the iPhone, and the Beats Studio Buds are for both iOS and Android.

As for the quality, it’s worth noting that both have become more flawed lately: whatever one may say, the Beats (which were from Dre) really sounded better before. Therefore, choose headphones according to your lifestyle and convenience – in my opinion, beats are much more practical for sports and training.

What to do if AirPods won’t charge

AirPods Questions

Clean the case inside and out to keep it working properly

Maybe someone will tell you, stopped charging the 2 AirPods case, really fix it or throw it away and buy new ones?

Throw, of course, is not necessary. AirPods Case stops charging the headset for various reasons. In most cases, this can be resolved on your own.

  • Firmware with errors. It can kill headphones, as happened to many users recently after the update.
  • Problems and crashes. AirPods aren’t perfect, so sometimes they won’t charge or even turn off for no reason.
  • Dirt and dust in the connector. Headphones are worth maintaining once in a while. We even have material on this.
  • And also pay attention to the quality of the chargers you use: Is it better to charge AirPods from a laptop? or original Apple adapter.